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Office Visits

Our office is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm with flexibility for evenings and weekend upon request.  

Call 778-426-4876 to book.

We are located at:

        7159A West Saanich Road

        Brentwood Bay, BC

Services & Products

Find out what to expect during your hearing test and what products our audiologists may recommend to keep you involved in the conversation. 

We are proud to say we are 100% locally owned and operated.  At Hear Central Saanich, you have access to products from every major hearing aid manufacturers. 

Funding Options

People are often surprised to find out they may be eligible for funding of their hearing aids through a third party payer, such as WCB or Veterans Affairs.  Many extended benefits programs also contribute to the cost of hearing aids.  See our Funding and Financing Section for more information.      

Office Visits

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