Donna M. Stewart,M.A.,Aud(C),RAUD/RHIP


Hear - Central Saanich in Brentwood Bay

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Our Audiologist

​Donna Stewart,M.A.,Aud(C),RAUD/RHIP, our owner and audiologist, has 25 years of experience in the hearing industry.

Donna's belief is that by spending extra time with a customer during the initial evaluation and consultation, the best recommendation can be made and optimal outcomes achieved.

Who We Are

Hear - Central Saanich is a locally owned independent audiology clinic, dedicated to providing the highest level of customer care in an warm and inviting environment.  

At Hear - Central Saanich, you have access to the most advanced hearing aid technology available, offered at very competitive prices, from a range of the world's top manufacturers. Browse our site for information relating to audiology, hearing tests, hearing aids, hearing aid batteries, assistive listening devices, funding options and more.

Because we are privately owned, we work for you, not a hearing aid manufacturer!

Free hearing tests

​Hear Central Saanich - 7159A West Saanich Road - Brentwood Bay, BC  V8M 1P7 - Call 778-426-4876

Our Philosophy

Be an informed consumer.  You may have come across offers for "free" hearing tests. In BC, services provided by an audiologist are not covered by the Medical Services Plan (MSP).  This means that when you go to a store offering "free" hearing tests, they will have to make up for the expense of providing that test somewhere else.  The cost of that "free" test has to be absorbed by someone buying hearing aids.  Essentially, "free" hearing tests are one of the reasons the price of hearing aids is higher than it could be.

At Hear Central Saanich, we charge for hearing tests. I generally spend about one and a half hours when testing and counselling with new clients.  There is a value and a cost to spending that time.  Because  I am reimbursed for that time, it's not necessary to tack the extra expense on to the price of hearing aids.  

What it comes down to is that we can keep our hearing aid prices down because you aren't having to pay for everyone else's "free" hearing tests.