• Lower initial outlay.
  • Pay for what you actually need, not what the average customer needs.
  • Not tied to a service plan with any particular provider.
  • You may be paying for products and services you don't need (if you are a successful/low maintenance hearing aid user).
  • Higher initial outlay.
  • You have to pay for every product and service, which may make you less likely to receive regular preventative maintenance.
  • Not able to claim as much as medical expense on income tax or extended benefits. 
  • You pay once and you're done.  No surprise expenses.
  • Submit the entire amount as a medical expense on your taxes in one fiscal year.
  • Only complete one submission to extended benefits.


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Hearing aids are a big investment.  I've been trying to think of ways to improve the affordability.  In my research I've come across a few clinics down in the US that have adopted an "Unbundled" option for paying for hearing aids.  Currently most clinics in BC you are paying for all future products and services for the expected life of the hearing aids at the initial time of purchase - the entire cost is 'bundled' into the price of the hearing aids.  This includes cleaning and checking the hearing aids, annual hearing evaluations and reprogramming of the hearing aids as necessary, batteries, cleaning tools, domes, etc.  

In an unbunlded system, you would just pay for your hearing aids at the time of purchase, and the purchase other products and services as needed down the road.  Cost per visit would be similar to what you would pay to see the optometrist and batteries would cost around $100/year.     




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Going to see Donna was the best thing I ever did for myself!"

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